CyRes Futures Storybook

This recent project is helping to train company boards in managing legal risk and understanding the governance risk management obligations of directors in the context of cyber resilience and safety. In collaboration with CyRes and RISCS, we produced a storybook of futures news media stories on the theme of cyber resilience and safety. All of these fictional narratives are informed by robust current sociotechnical data on emerging and futures trends in this space and inspired by real news stories. They are all dated to a near future of March 30th 2031.

Futures stories like these can help to focus minds on the significance of cyber resilience when managing the risks and obligations that boards and others are legally responsible for as part of their governance plans. They can help boards to:

  • identify learning points from these future scenarios to inform action now
  • spot weaknesses in their existing cyber practices
  • explore together what can be done by Boards to mitigate risks and harms in these scenarios
New Minister for Food, Transport, and Cyber Security
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